Could this be the last white t-shirt you ever need? It’s water-repellent, dirt-repellent… virtually everything-repellent – and once you see it you’ll never want to go back to a regular old Hanes again. Threadsmiths clothing, based in Melbourne, Australia, has developed a cotton material that completely repels liquids, dirt and stains. Hot sauce? No problem. Ketchup? Gone. All while still looking and feeling just like your favorite shirt.

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According to Threadsmiths, it all works using a patented nanotechnology based on the lotus leaf that makes the material resistant to liquids. Dirt and water just bead up on the surface where they can easily be washed away. Better yet, the technology requires no aerosol applications, has no dangerous chemicals and is entirely safe for wear.

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You might be wonder if the shirt can be washed, since it is water-repellent and all. Threadsmiths says that it can be washed as normal – by hand or machine – and the repellent-coating will continue to last far longer than those liquid-repelling sprays on the market these days.

Right now there is one style, available in a different version for men and women, called The Cavalier. A kids version is coming soon and hopefully a whole range of clothing will follow. Until then, get your hands on the 100% cotton t-shirt at the Threadsmith’s website.

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