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If you’ve been a fan of Inhabitat for awhile, you may have noticed our love for the humanitarian design non-profit Project H Design. Founded by former Inhabitat Managing Editor Emily Pilloton, Project H Design seeks to help designers use their unique skills to tackle the world’s greatest humanitarian problems. Today’s video is the first in a series of five videos — coming to you for the next five weeks in a row — about our favorite non-profits that use design to make the world a better place. Project H has been spreading good design everywhere from rural South Africa to the playgrounds of New York City. Learn more about their great work by watching our interview with Emily Pilloton above.

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Emily founded Project H two years ago. She comes from a background in design — she was trained in architecture at UC Berkeley and product design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and found herself quickly dissatisfied with the conventional design world. So she founded Project H to give designers an outlet for need-based design. Project H is now not only involved in huge humanitarian efforts, but they are creating amazing innovations along the way.

The first task the non-profit tackled was the redesign of the Hippo Roller — which we’ve of course covered here — then they moved on to Emily’s own invention, the Learning Landscape. They’ve now taken their ideas for educational design one step further, as Emily tells us in the video above. We have high hopes for their future projects and can’t wait to check back in with them soon. Watch Emily’s video above, and check back next Friday for another amazing design-for-good non-profit!

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