Anyone who reads Inhabitat with regularity knows we love shipping-container architecture, and are big fans of the creative NYC architecture firm Lot-ek. We’ve raved about their Recycled Airplane Library and prefab homes made from reclaimed shipping containers. If you are curious to see the faces behind this brilliant work, check out this fabulous presentation given by the iconoclastic Italian design duo at Postopolis event in NYC.

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Postopolis was extremely interesting for all those who attended, thanks to intriguing discussions on the intersection of design, architecture, and the blogosphere. Lot-ek gave a particularly great presentation, due to their fun and dynamic presentation style. Our video contains some of the highlights of their talk, including a segment called “Lot-ek blogs Lot-ek” in which Ada Tolla presents questions to the blogosphere for debate/discussion:

1. Is a container structure less costly than conventional construction? 2. Is it as structurally safe? 2. Do you really need an architect to design with containers?

We’d love to hear YOUR thoughts…

If you really like this stuff, watch the full (20 minute) version of the presentation here >

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