Who hasn’t dreamed of grabbing a bunch of balloons and floating away into the sky? The difference between the dreamers and professional stuntman Erik Roner is that while the rest of the world was dreaming, he was strapping himself into a chair attached to 90 giant helium-filled balloons and actually taking flight.

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Roner isn’t the first person to float into the sky using balloons. Besides the obvious fictional Up comparison, Larry Walters, also known as Lawnchair Larry, completed a similar feat in the 1980s. His adventure took him 15,000 feet in the air into federal air space after which he crash landed into some power lines, caused a black-out in parts of Long Beach and was subsequently arrested.

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Roner’s flight had a much more peaceful ending than Lawnchair Larry’s. After shooting out a few balloons, Roner used a parachute to descend safely to the ground without any incident. All told, his flight required 90 helium-filled balloons and 50 tanks of helium. While we hate to see plastic debris fall to earth after the balloons exploded, it is always amazing to watch people test the limits of human ingenuity.

Via Sploid