The pioneers behind the prefabricated HUF HAUS have constructed thousands of energy efficient houses across the globe. Their über-efficient designs have paved the way for a new wave of green modular homes with a truly sustainable life cycle, beautiful architecture, and zero-waste build. Watching the construction of a HUF HAUS is like seeing someone flawlessly and easily assemble a giant IKEA product – and it’s deeply satisfying. Check out the video above and hit the jump for more details.

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Exhibiting immaculate craftsmanship, each HUF HAUS is pre-designed to complete construction not only efficiently, but also quite speedily in a matter of a days. Its parts are assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle in a sequence of panels and bolts that seamlessly configure in watertight rubber-sealed joints. Not a single speck of material goes to waste in this awe-inspiring Lego-like build.

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Once complete, the state of the art HUF HAUS green[r]evolution design includes solar panels, an air-to-water heat pump, maximized daylighting with triple-glazed insulated glass, and user-controlled household automation. It is both aesthetically and functionally minimalist in nature. The timber-framed design is paired with a revolutionary thermal insulation that significantly reduces heating and ventilation costs.

However, the most fascinating aspect of HUF HAUS might just be the sheer dynamics of its construction. A HUF HAUS contractor is a diligent worker bee, working with one’s team in perfect harmony at lightning speed and with meticulous attention to detail. At the end of each work day, not a screw or tool is left on sight; even their own vehicles must be spotless before calling it a day. Watch and learn as this home becomes ready for move-in within a mere four days!