Even though the Tesla Model X SUV has been delayed several times, Tesla is still working hard to deliver it by the end of 2015. Tesla is currently testing prototypes of the Model X – and now we have a video of a prototype being tested at an old naval base in Alameda, California. YouTube user Juan del Real used his iPhone to catch the Model X doing some high speed testing.

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Even though the video is a bit grainy, it’s clear that the production version of the Model X will retain the shape, size and design of the concept version. It’s also been confirmed that the production version will retain the Falcon Wing doors from the concept and that all-wheel-drive will be standard. Tesla hasn’t revealed the electric SUV’s range or how many versions will be available.

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The Model X was originally revealed back in 2012, but several delays have pushed back the start of production to the end of 2015, since Tesla wanted to “build in significantly more validation testing time.” Tesla hopes to deliver the Model X by the end of the year to individuals that placed a reservation for the Model X when it was revealed in 2012. If you place a reservation now, Tesla hopes to deliver it to you by early 2016.

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