Ziplines are great – but for the most part, if you’ve done one you‘ve done them all. Unless, of course, the zipline also happens to be part roller coaster. The TreeTop Crazy Rider is not only the world’s longest zipline – it also takes the rider on a series of hair-raising twists and turns high up in the Australian forest.

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The TreeTop Crazy Rider is just like a traditional zipline in that you hang from a cable in a harness, but from there things get a bit crazy. Instead of shooting down the line straight like an arrow, the ride takes you along a curved track that reaches as high as 60 feet in the air.

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The ride takes you through the gorgeous Ourimbah State Forest just north of Sydney, and from the looks of it in the video, you get to zip super close to the trees. A one-way trip will set you back $75, but for a full five minute zipline ride that whips you around like you are on a roller coaster, we’d say you get your money’s worth.

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