The mission of the build was to address reducing green space in the surrounding area. In addition, providing a comfortable home that battles the tropical heat through passive design elements. 

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A blocky gray home interspersed with plants and a pool at ground level

Bi House Nha Trang sits a few miles south of Nha Trang city center in Vietnam. Consistently warm and humid temperatures are exacerbated by the increase in concrete builds and decrease in green landscaping. To combat this, the architects at Pham Huu Son Architects focused on using green design features to weave gardens through every level of the structure. 

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A master bedroom with windows all around

On the top level, temperatures in the master bedroom are moderated through the use of a green roof. Around the outside of the building, additional green spaces abound, creating a buffer against the heat and noise while adding a natural appeal. Trees and plants surround the building at every level. The rooftop green space is a usable portion of the home, adding to the functionality and usability. 

A slim rectangle pool with chairs poolside

Furthermore, natural ventilation means the home is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Two bedrooms on the middle floor are exposed to the majority of the heat retention. To confront this, designers placed a corridor up the middle of the building that is used for a staircase as well as airflow. Additional ventilation gaps were constructed horizontally to allow airflow between the floors of the structure. 

An outdoor bathtub

Additionally, windows throughout the building make up another passive element. Some of which are completely retractable to expose a fully open wall space to the outdoors. They are strategically placed in order to buffer against the hottest parts of the day while filtering through air movement. The windows also provide natural light throughout the three levels to further reduce utility costs. 

A living room space with gray walls

The nearly 2,700 square foot home with a pool isn’t small. However, the placement and orientation were well thought out for minimal site impact. Building up instead of out required less than 900 square feet of land space. 

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Images via Hiroyuki Oki