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Using scrap metal as his medium, Muniz carefully creates large photorealistic collages. Treating each piece of salvage as if it were a precious metal, the waste is transformed into glitzy image of birds in flight and other flora and fauna. After the elaborate installations are assembled, Muniz then takes photographs, presenting the prints as the final works of art.

Muniz’ incredible collages aren’t just a feat of recycling, but also of scale. In one piece, the artist renders a golden sea horse from metal bits and sheets. The viewer at first associates the sea horse with the tiny and delicate size of the animal in life. But upon closer inspection, we see the coral reef that the sea horse floats near is actually made up of old car doors- totally throwing the sense of perspective for a loop!

Small clues, such as recognizable items like car doors or paint cans, play with the viewer’s perception of perspective. With the recognition of an everyday object, Muniz also reminds us that the materials he uses are otherwise considered garbage. The pieces join Muniz’ longtime practice of creating large scale installations from garbage, which is excellently portrayed in the documentary “WASTELAND.”

+ Vik Muniz 

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