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Pawar’s Eco Skyscraper is a self-sufficient vertical city composed of two twisting towers linked by soaring sky bridges. The project’s mixed-use high-density program offers space for commercial areas, offices, and residences, while the tower’s rotating axis provides each unit with a rooftop terrace where food can be grown. The skyscraper harvests humidity to provide for its needs, and it would recycle waste water with a living machine system that includes live plants, trees, grasses and algae, fish, and other living creatures.

The walkways spanning the upper levels are studded with a massive set of wind turbines – not unlike the turbines spanning the Bahrain World Trade Center. The skyscraper supplements this wind energy with power produced from solar arrays, while passive design strategies reduce the building’s overall environmental footprint.

The building is designed to be constructed from modular units, which can be cheaply and efficiently constructed and then quickly assembled together on-site. According to pawar, “Eco Skyscraper is about rethinking the future: it is a profound challenge of survival, at the end of an era of cheap oil and materials to rethink and re-design how we produce and consume; to reshape how we live and work, or even to imagine the jobs that will be needed for transition”

+ Vikas Pawar