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Vila Hermina, HSH Architekti, micro house, nano house, czech republic, small space living

Located on the outskirts of Černín, Vila Hermina is definitely a bit strange looking amidst the other more traditional cottages in the area. Not only is it painted a bright pink, but it does not share a single characteristic with the other houses. Built from thick bricks, the rhombus shaped home has a non-traditional roof, makes use of large picture windows, and the inside is a formed with clean lines of green and gray. The client came to HSH Architekti and requested that they include a movie theatre in the small house. The firm solved the problem by aligning the nano home’s planes with the slope of the hill they were building on.

Inside, the very bottom floor features a bunk bed, built-in storage and a bathroom. A ramp with a built-in cabinet in the floor serves as the home’s living and entertainment room. When it’s time to cozy in, the curtains are shut, a cabinet is opened, and the projector is brought out. The sloped incline is perfect so each person has a great view of the movie projected onto the wall. The living room ramp leads up to the entryway, dining area and kitchen — all located on a flat at the same level as the entry door. Another ramp leads up providing more lounging space to the master bedroom that is lined with bookshelves and sits next to its own bathroom.

The ramps are coated with a green colored anti-skid material commonly found in sports facilities. Windows are located with respect to their external facade and the views from them. The entire building is coated in a pink polyurethane spray, which provides thermal insulation and water resistance. The pink coating was in credit to the firm’s favorite building – Versuchsanstalt fur Wasserbau und Schiffbau by Ludwig Leo.

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Images ©Ester Havlova