Step into K-Villa+, located in Cần Thơ, Vietnam. Finished in 2020, this villa maximizes open spaces for natural light and prioritizes environmentally-inclusive design with a green roof and tropical-style garden. The villa is located near the Mekong River in the center of Hưng Phú, a newly-established residential area close to public transportation. Designed by Space + Architecture, the roughly 19,375-square-foot villa boasts a low building density, a green roof and a rainwater collection system. K-Villa+ is one of few private residences in the country to be certified by the Vietnam Green Building Council.

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a multi-level home with a car parked on the bottom level. trees, grass and other green plants cover each level of the home. the top of the home features a white facade, the middle level features a grey and brown facade and the bottom level features an off-white marbled facade. windows cover the top and middle levels on the home.

The garden space incorporates a variety of trees native to the local area, including mango, palm, milkfruit, bougainvillea and plumeria. An ecological fish pond on the property features aquatic plants such as lotus, water lily and centella.

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to the left, various trees and greenery. to the right, a multi-level home lit up at night, featuring large windows

Going with the overall eco-friendly theme, the designers paid specific attention to natural ventilation for the project. This area of Vietnam experiences a typical monsoon season with natural circulating air, which the designers worked with, using wide-open spaces, breeze block walls and a specific door layout to maximize airflow. Controlled air flows into the building to help keep the interior cool, and the green roof helps reduce thermal radiation.

green rooftops with a courtyard between them and a garden area visible on the ground below.

Additionally, the tropical weather in the region presents excellent opportunities for natural light. Large windows and openings work harmoniously for regulated airflow and light, along with an indoor garden and skylight. An artfully-designed spiral staircase exposes the interior to even more light, while the property fence is made of a combination of cut out steel and glass. At nighttime, occupants can switch to an automatic lighting system and energy-efficient LED lights.

a pond surrounded by greenery. a person sits at a table nearby, looking out onto the pond.

The villa employs a rain reuse system to help irrigate its many plants, with plans to turn the system into a drinking water source. The gardens are landscaped with grasscrete brick to reduce concrete surfaces, increase natural plant composition and help to drain rainwater. Eco-friendly materials such as un-baked brick and certified-sustainable wood were painted with non-VOC paint to avoid harmful emissions.

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