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Beddingestrand is surrounded by beautiful views of the sea, sand, and forest; however, the coastal town suffers bitterly cold winds in the winter and sultry summers. To shield Villa Ladybird from the biting winter winds, Johan Sundberg Arkitektur kinked the building shape to create a south-facing angled form that also offers greater privacy. The east wing of the house comprises the bedrooms, while the western half contains an open-plan layout with the communal areas. The walls along the home’s inner angle are covered with floor-to-ceiling glazing to take in panoramic views over the sea and surrounding nature.

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Planed Siberlan larch paneling and graphite-colored metalwork clads the exterior of the Villa Ladybird. The structure comprises a wooden frame and steel beams, and is set on a concrete slab foundation wrapped by a painted expanded clay aggregate wall. The flat roof is made up of profiled and insulated metal sheets.

+ Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Images via Johan Sundberg Arkitektur, © Kasper Dudzik