Leave it to the Swedes to design and build a curvaceous and elegant prefab house out of timbers. Villa Nyberg is the first in a series of prefab homes by Göteborg-based Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture to be built, and is certain to turn some heads. Designed as a round structure in order to minimize materials and increase efficiency, the home is located in central Sweden and is so efficient that it even blew away some of the Passivhaus standards that it was designed for!

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Villa Nyberg was based on KKA’s Villa Atrium concept, built in collaboration with Emrahus and customized for the Nyberg family. The prefab home is a 156 sq meters (1,679 sq ft) with a complete circular lower floor and an almost half circle space on the second floor. A central atrium contains the staircase to the second floor and draws in light to the inner core of the house. The living room and kitchen open up to views of the lake, while the more private bedroom and bathroom are located in the back and the circular nature of the home leads you around the home according to the time of day.

Built to Passivhaus standards, Villa Nyberg is incredibly energy efficient and includes super-tight insulation. Heating for the home is largely provided by excess heat from inside the home, which is trapped inside by the tight envelope. In fact the home is so insulated that it actually broke a Swedish record in a blower door test, and energy simulations predict that the home will only use 25 kWh/m²year of energy per year. On top of all this, a solar hot water heater on the roof provides hot water for the home.