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With a desire to create her ideal home based on the principles of simplicity and sustainability, Lustado created the tiny house as a personal project with a budget of $35,000. With the trailer as a base, the home was designed to give the feeling of a cozy cabin, with a luxurious feel and clean, modern lines.

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The resulting mini home may only be 140 square feet, but boasts all of the comforts one could hope for. Storage furniture helps to eliminate clutter, and create extra space without crowding the interior and double doors that open onto a patio extend the living area, while bringing in fresh air throughout the space. The living area combines a storage couch (that doubles as an extra single bed) and a work area, with a built-in desk that can also be used for storage. The adjacent kitchenette maybe be small, but it has everything one needs to make a hot meal, as well as ample shelving for plates and glasses; it is also connected to a small bedroom. The gas stove divides up the space, while also serving as a heating source in cold weather.

High above the kitchen is the lofted bedroom, which feels open and airy with a window at both the headboard and over the bed in an angled skylight. The dreamy home is tiny, but has an airy and comfortable feel thanks to the warm wooden interior and ample windows.

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