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Visiondivision used a 100 foot yellow poplar – Indiana’s state tree – as the foundation for the concession stand, which is dubbed “Chopstick.” The tree was carefully stripped of its bark, which was then cut into strips and kiln dried. The stripped tree was then suspended horizontally so that it hovers above the ground on wooden supports and the small concession kiosk. The kiosk is covered with the dried bark shingles, which are naturally durable and can last for up to 80 years without much maintenance.

Beyond the kiosk, swings for school children hang from the sturdy trunk — 100 Acres is regularly visited by families and schools. The end-side of the trunk will hold a bench swing for adults and couples. The firm is planning to use the entirety of the tree in the Chopstick project, so its pressed leaves and flowers will be used to decorate the kiosk, and inspire the children. The roots can be made into teas and tonics sold in the stand.

Smaller branches will be used as legs for tables and chairs. Excess wood will be shredded into sawdust and used for insulation. The top end of the tree will sit between joint braces, keeping the entire trunk level.

Chopstick is at home in the lush 100 Acres park, where it transformed an indigenous tree into a visitor’s destination for all to enjoy.

+ Visiondivision

Photos by Eric Lubrick (IMA), Donna Sink, Visiondivision