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According to Sweden’s building regulations, which take into account the high number of boat owners in the country, residents are allowed to build 270-square-feet of additional covered space on their premises without requiring a building permit. Visiondivision’s proposal for these buildings, called Attefallshus, takes the concept of boat houses slightly further and substitutes their conventional architecture with designs that simulate the most natural environment for boats-water. They have proposed building pools, ponds and fountains that treat boats as active design elements and could be connected to major waterways via canals.

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The architects give different options in pool design-users can order cheaper fiberglass pools for Poland or Germany or build the fountain and the pool by themselves. Another option is to build an artificial pond that could be beautified with some aquatic plants and lighting. The most radical and extravagant of the three solutions is the fountain. The idea is to have the boat lifted by the water, which may sound far-fetched to say the least, but visiondivision claims they can make it happen.

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