The world’s biggest corn maze is a jaw-dropping 63 acres – so large that people are getting completely lost and are resorting to calling the police to find their way out. Every weekend during the corn maze season, the police in Solano County, California receive emergency calls from bewildered wanderers who showed up to get lost and panicked once things got too real.

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CBS Sacramento said that the Cool Patch Pumpkin corn maze normally takes about 4 hours to complete, but some people become so hopelessly turned around that they resort to dialing 911. “I think they are overwhelmed. You can get a little worked up when you can’t get out of a place and everything looks the same,” said Deputy Daryl Snedeker from the Solano County Sheriff’s Department.

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The farm is now closed for the season, but Matt Cooley, owner of the maze, says that it can be tough when you are stuck in the thick of it all. “When it’s dark, all you see is corn,” he said. “We don’t laugh…it’s not a comedy to us, and our dispatchers have a very serious job, and they take every call to 911 very serious,” Snedeker confirmed.

Via Huh Magazine