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When entering the gallery, visitors are first greeted with two light sculptures projected from the walls. Each visitor can approach and look into the beam, which simulates a vision of an abyss while a geometric shape is thrown on the opposite wall.

In the main hall, the light sculpture beams emit from a point near the ceiling directed toward the museum floor. This creates gauzy looking triangular forms which touch the floor, appearing like enclosed tipis or even retractor beams from a science fiction movie. The forms slowly morph into different shapes on the floors and walls. The transformations are made by programmed algorithms on a computer.

Inside the beams, visitors may lie on the floor and gaze up at the light forms from within. A gentle haze of smoke is passed through each, which can create the illusion of fluffy clouds passing over a full moon at night, or band together and appear like thick solid columns of white. Each is ever-changing, which makes for an incredible and meditative experience for the viewer.

McCall’s light sculptures can be experienced in the main hall of the Hamburger Bahnof Museum until August 12th.

+ Anthony McCall

+ Hamburger Bahnoff