Photovoltaic gadgets often get trapped in the monotonous façade of plain panels, which often leave something to be desired in the aesthetics department. Not so with Vivien Muller‘s sleek PhotoSynthese charger. Resembling a potted bonsai tree, the silvery solar charger rests atop an elegant tray.

Blooming with 54 photovoltaic cells, Vivien’s solar tree gracefully plays both the role of decorative item and useful gadget. The tree’s branches are composed of detachable parts that combine to create the tree’s modular sculptural look. Muller’s thoughtful design also creates room for gadgets to lay in the shade of the “leaves” as they recharge. Paying homage to photosynthesis, the Photsynthese tree proves to be a delightful plant that requires no watering and sustains your gadgets by harnessing the power of the sun.

+ Vivien Muller

Via Gizmodo