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The Babylon Hotel is located at the coastal Naman Retreat Resort among villas and bungalows. Created for relaxation of the body and mind, the hotel accommodates guests within a natural lush environment. It is wrapped in greenery that hangs and creeps up through a system of precast concrete louvers with a wooden texture.

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Its luscious skin not only adds beauty but reduces direct sunlight, creates oxygen, allows the breeze to flow and keeps the interiors private. Arranged in an L-shape that embraces the swimming pool, the three-story building provides a discreet atmosphere immersed in wonderful nature. 

Inside, the rooms are open-plan, minimalist, bright and airy. And have their own balcony with amazing views into the sea, screened by a diverse mix of tropical plants and vines such as Quisqualis indica, Vernonia elliptica and Aglaia duperreana.

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Photos by Hiroyuki Oki for Vo Trong Nghia