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In contrast to the café, the bar is an enclosed whole that is accessible via stepping stones connecting it to the shore. The structural dome is 10m high, spanning 15m across. The main frame is built from 48 prefabricated units, each comprising several bamboo elements bound together. The opening on the top is 1,5m in diameter and enables evacuation of hot air from the inside of the building.

Apart from the foundation, the design team eschewed the use of steel. Low-cost and versatile, bamboo is not only structurally efficient, it is also one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, making it a renewable and sustainable raw material.

The Wind and Water bar is also used as a performance venue, facilitating local meetings, concerts, ceremonies and other public events. Its decorative interior and discrete lighting create an intimate atmosphere and a tactile experience of the architecture. Along with the adjacent café, the bar has become a landmark of Hanoi’s urban landscape.

+ Vo Trong Nghia

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