Today all that nomadic telecommuters need is internet access, a phone, and some strong coffee. Waskman Design Studio’s stunning mobile home, designed for Vodafone, has all of those things (except the caffeine). The solar powered trailer was created for Vodafone to show off its fixed phone and wireless internet service, and is currently occupied by blogger Marcos Morales and his family as they travel through Spain on a family vacation!

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The Vodaphone trailer home is constructed from white polyethylene panels and transparent polycarbonate. The two-floor structure measures 6 meters in length, 2.5 meters in width and 3.85 meters high. The home is organized like a loft, with a bedroom on the second floor and office and kitchen space on the bottom floor. Rooftop solar panels power the Morales family’s electronics.

While it’s certainly an attractive design, the home isn’t too practical in its current form. Would you live in such an exposed space? Check out the continuing story of the Morales’ trip at their website.

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