In the next few years electric cars are set to finally take a big jump forward with the arrival of several models that will have a driving range around 200 miles – much longer than today’s models. Chevy and Nissan have already announced plans to introduce new longer range electric cars and now Volkswagen has announced that it is also working on new battery technology.

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Today Volkswagen’s electric models only consist of the e-Up, e-Golf and Golf GTE, but that number could jump higher with the new battery technology that VW is working on. VW Boss Martin Winterkorn recently stated, “VW is researching a super-battery in Silicon Valley in California, that is cheaper, smaller and more powerful. An electric Volkswagen that can travel 300km (186 miles) on electricity is in sight. It will be a quantum leap for the electric car.”

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If the next e-Golf has a driving range around 186 miles, that will be about 100 miles longer than today’s model, which should help make it even more appealing. Volkswagen hasn’t announced when the new battery technology will be available, but lets hope it’s not too far off, since the next Nissan Leaf and upcoming Chevy Bolt are about to change the segment. And, of course, let’s not forget about the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

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