Here is one more car to add to the growing list of futuristic electric city cars going into production. The Volkswagen NILS EV Concept will debut alongside its Audi Urban Concept cousin at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week and is designed to please the German commuter, who needs a range of 40 miles, moderate power, and apparently only the tiniest of trunks.

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The NILS Concept is an EV powered by in-wheel motors and a lithium ion battery pack. The vehicle has a 0-60 time of 11 seconds and tops out at 81 miles per hour, which is a little less than futuristic. However, the NILS has some unique features, such as a starter button placed on top of the gear shifter and mechanical steering. We’ll keep you up to date with more photos when this little cutie takes a bow at Frankfurt. Until then, contemplate with us how efficiently you would have to pack to use the trunk space shown in the photo gallery.

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Via Car & Driver