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Set for release by 2014, VW will equip the Golf blue-e-motion with an instrument panel, featuring a kW gauge replacing the traditional tachometer, that will engage the driver in keeping the kilowatt reading as low as possible and maximize the range of the vehicle. The car will also boast selectable regenerative braking – meaning there will be four levels, from “sailing” to heavy-duty regeneration that can be managed with shifter paddles on the steering wheel. With the lowest setting D allowing the car to “sail” normally once the driver’s foot comes off the accelerator, while the highest level, D3, slows the vehicle down and recovers as much energy as possible. The Golf blue-e-motion will also offer three different driving options, including Normal, Comfort+ and Range+.

If you’re not looking for fancy bells and whistles, the VW’s Golf blue-e-motion could be the affordable, alternative energy vehicle you’ve been looking for. Come 2014, of course.

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