Over the past year Volkswagen has unveiled several concepts for new electric vehicles – but the company isn’t stopping there. Its research group just unveiled some other groundbreaking EV technologies they are working on, including a new mobile charging robot that will automatically plug your EV into the grid.

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We’ve seen prototypes for new induction charging systems, but VW’s new mobile charging robots present another way that will make it easier for EV drivers to charge their vehicles in the future. The mobile robots could one day show up in underground garages or city parks, although the jury is still out on if it is easier than future induction systems. VW unveiled the new charging system alongside its newest EV concept, the Gen.E research vehicle, which also happens to look closer to a production model than the recent VW I.D. concepts.

The Gen.E is a fully-electric concept car that can travel up to 249 miles on a single charge. According to VW, the Gen.E also features a lightweight platform that has been designed for maximum crash safety including the battery. The long range battery is based on advanced lithium-ion cells and the efficiency of the electric motor that powers the Gen.E has been optimized.

VW’s research team isn’t saying much about the overall design of the Gen.E, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t raised a few eyebrows. Its overall shape is so close to the VW Golf, they may be using the concept to preview the next e-Golf.

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