Image via BaderTV

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Shark Week, the Discovery Channel and Volkswagen have collaborated to create a mobile, underwater shark cage cruiser in the shape of their iconic Beetle.  Able to move along the ocean floor, the one-of-a-kind vehicle is equipped with a full air system, headlights, and two propellers.  Now, scientists can get up close and personal with with their toothy subjects while rolling in style.

From the freeways to the waterways, Volkswagen is again leading the pack in design.  As a sponsor of the Discovery Channel’s long-running Shark Week event, the company has teamed up with biologists to fabricate a submersible car that allows researchers to travel across the bottom of the sea.  Constructed out of tubular aluminum, the cage features alloy wheels, an air system, and classic Bug headlights. “We wanted the integration to be authentic and fit naturally with the Volkswagen brand, imprinting our signature style on Shark Week, the Beetle shark cage plays on the silhouettes of two of the most iconic images, the shark fin and the Volkswagen Beetle’ said Justin Osbourne, general manager of Marketing and Communications for Volkswagen in America.

Built by VW engineers and shark expert and marine biologist Luke Tipple, the underwater car has the advantage over traditional fixed cages by being able to change location at the whim of the divers.  Constructed from the ground-up using Beetle Turbo framework specifications, the chassis is nearly identical to its land-based model. Glimpses of the newest creature to hit the briny deep will be revealed through three one-minute segments all throughout this week on the Discovery Channel.

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