Voltaic Systems, manufacturer of solar chargers for smartphones, laptops and other electronic equipment, just launched a BOGO (Buy One Give One) campaign to help residents of Philippines whose lives were irrevocably changed by the devastating typhoon Haiyan. They’re selling a 3.4 Watt Solar Power and Light Kit that normally costs $85 for just $59, and another one will be sent to Leyte Province in the Philippines to help vital communications in villages without power.

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Voltaic ran a similar program after Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey; the company provided solar light and cellphone charging systems to people in the Rockaways. One of the relief teams-Smallwater on B96th Street-who helped install these systems then sent the same kits to the Philippines, where they’re being reused. A member of the group called Voltaic and said that solar chargers were one of the most requested items from the team in the Philippines, which prompted the company to create the BOGO program and help out the country devastated by the typhoon.

The kit includes a rugged 3.4 Solar Watt Panel, Super Bright USB Flexlight, and a V15 Universal USB Battery Set that runs the light for over 13 hours, and charges smartphones and tablets. For each purchased Solar Power and Light Kit, Voltaic will send another one to Leyte Province on December 4th.

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