The dream of going wireless with a laptop or iPad becomes pretty meaningless when reality hits and you’re left with a battery drained to nothing. But Voltaic’s new solar backpack brings things back into balance, giving you the option to recharge your laptop and other gadgets even if the sun isn’t shining! Incorporating a battery with a sewn in10 watt monocrystal solar module, the setup has two power ports and four voltage settings connected to the 60 watt battery. The new backpack gives you the ability to recharge just about any portable device whenever you need to.

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Placed in the sun for an hour, the unit makes and stores enough power to run an average laptop for 30 min. When the sun is not available, the onboard battery can be recharged by plugging into an AC outlet. The battery is large enough to double the runtime of most computers, and supplies 16v or 19v.  The lower voltage port runs at 5v or 12v for many portable devices.

Voltaic has been producing solar powered travel gearfor a few years, but their new offer is boasts even more power with additional charging options. The backpack is also made from recycled PET plastic so has a lowered embodied energy to boot.

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