Kids and adults can power-up their electronic devices en route to school or work with this awesome Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack. Big enough to carry all your books and papers for class, the backpack doubles as your very own solar power station. The 3.4 Watt outward facing solar panel siphons the sun’s energy while you skip from class to class- and can be yours if you win Inhabitat’s 2013 Back to School Contest!

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The stylish black backpack holds everything securely, including your laptop, which remains secure in a padded sleeve. The front pocket keeps pens, pencils and accessories snug behind the built in solar panel, and it takes just one hour in the sun to charge up your smart phone for an hour and fifteen minutes of talk time.

The convenient and portable solar power system eliminates the need to plug in your charger. When fully charged, the 3.4 Watt battery can power your smart phone for a whopping fourteen hours of talk time, and the battery charges less-draining electronics like iPods and music players for even longer – providing up to sixty-eight hours of music playback.

Now here’s the best part: three Voltaic Converter Solar Backpacks are up for grabs for lucky Inhabitat readers!

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