It’s almost time to head back to school, and what better way to keep all your gadgets together and fully juiced than by carrying a multi-purpose charger on your back? The new Array Solar Backpack from Voltaic Systems is not your ordinary heavy duty, waterproof bag, but it also multi-tasks as also a portable solar laptop charger you can take anywhere! The bag boasts three super durable panels that can capture a full charge’s worth of the sun’s rays in just an hour, and its convenient size also lets you carry everyday school supplies and devices with no fuss.

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The Array Solar Backpack has 1,500 cubic inches of storage, a padded laptop sleeve, phone pouch, and plenty of pockets for holding onto even the smallest school supplies. But the really special feature is the front solar pocket that connects to a 60 Watt hour battery that can charge laptops, tablets, digital cameras, and iphones in as little as an hour!

The solar compartment can be removed and reattached to other bags too, for easy on-the-go charge. Only one hour of direct sunlight creates 10 watts of solar energy that can run a laptop for 30 minutes, and only ninety minutes in the sun can fully charge a cell phone. The universal laptop battery can also be plugged into an AC charger for a quick boost. The solar charging backpack is super universal and can accommodate dozens of electronics, making mobile charging easier than ever.

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