Volvos have always been marketed as some of the safest vehicles on the road – and now the automaker is working on “crashproof” cars with next-gen collision avoidance systems that could hit the streets by the year 2020. The features are designed to help drivers stay alert and well-informed to avoid collisions and dangerous situations. Although Volvo has set a goal of 2020 for the release of these new technologies, many of them will start showing up as soon as 2014.

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“The safety systems are intelligent and work together to make driving more pleasant and safe. They are designed to warn about threats. If necessary, they can also step in and intervene in critical situations. And, in some situations where the collision is unavoidable, there are safety features to help mitigate the consequences.”

Volvo is part of a larger group of automakers and companies that are working on fully autonomous vehicles, which can drive themselves and take over control if the driver becomes unresponsive or a dangerous situation is predicted. “The car of the future will be like the farmer’s horse. The farmer can steer the horse and carriage but if he falls asleep the horse will refuse to walk into a tree or off a cliff,” stated Anders Eugensson Volvo’s head of government affairs.

While we have to wait a bit for the arrival of fully autonomous cars, some of the technology will begin showing up sooner. Volvo hopes to launch the first vehicles with technology that can monitor pedestrians and other traffic and even ensure that a car is a safe distance from other vehicles in 2014.

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