This is one competition we never thought we’d see: Volvo Trucks is reportedly developing a diesel-electric hybrid truck dubbed the “Mean Green.” Going forward in a green way, the famed car manufacturer is hoping that the truck will claim the title of World’s Fastest Hybrid Truck.

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Granted, there isn’t actually a competition for World’s Fastest Hybrid Truck, but Volvo thinks its vehicle will take the title anyway. The truck, which will be raced by Boije Ovebrink, features a 16-liter Volvo engine with a peak output of 1,417 kW and an electric motor with an output of 149 kW.

At the moment the Mean Green doesn’t have any competition, so it will automatically take the fastest hybrid truck title (although there is actually competition in the diesel arena), but we have to wonder: what’s the point? Hybrid trucks don’t need to be super-fast to work well – this seems like a waste of engineering brainpower to us.

Via Carscoop