This was a big week for Volvo, which made two bold and forward-looking announcements and debuted the C40 Recharge. The Swedish automaker, which is owned by the Chinese conglomerate Geely, will only sell electric cars by 2030. It’s also closing all show rooms and only selling cars online. The company will be phasing out leather interiors as well to meet its sustainability goals.

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“To remain successful, we need profitable growth. So instead of investing in a shrinking business, we choose to invest in the future — electric and online,” said Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive, in a statement. “We are fully focused on becoming a leader in the fast-growing premium electric segment.”

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Volvo had previously decreed that half of its cars sales would be electric by 2025. Now the company is accelerating its goal by completely phasing out gas, diesel and hybrid options as part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

On Tuesday, Volvo unveiled the new 2022 C40 Recharge four-door coupe, which has an estimated 210-mile range. Volvo had previously released only one fully electric vehicle, 2020’s XC40 Recharge. This SUV has a range of about 200 miles. Both the SUV and the coupe need 40 minutes of plug-in time to charge their batteries to 80%. It’s going to be a pretty big change for people in large countries like the U.S. who are used to going on long road trips to have to stop every few hours and find a charging station. But Volvo is forging resolutely ahead.

“I am totally convinced there will no customers who really want to stay with a petrol engine,” Samuelsson said at a press conference. “We are convinced that an electric car is more attractive for customers.”

Volvo has said there’s “no long-term future” for autos relying on internal combustion engines. By 2025, Volvo aims to be selling half hybrid models and half fully electric cars. Over the next few years, a whole new set of Volvo cars will debut to be sold online only. Other car makers are starting to agree. In the U.K., Bentley is also aiming to be all-electric by 2030, and Jaguar has announced a 2025 deadline to make the switch.

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Via The Verge, CNET and Reuters

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