Back in November, Volvo announced that comprehensive safety tests, including crash tests, were underway on the company’s electric cars. If you’re heading to Detroit this week, you’ll have the chance to examine one of the smashed up vehicles for yourself. Volvo told Inhabitat that tomorrow morning they will unveil a crash-tested C30 Electric car at the Auto Show, making them the first automaker to show an electric car post-crash. Click through for the full scoop!

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Keeping an electric car’s high-voltage battery and cables intact after a crash is vital to the safety of passengers and responders. During a crash test, Volvo’s C30 Electric was subjected to a 40 mph offset frontal impact, and all of the key electrical components went unharmed.

In a press release, Volvo President and CEO Stefan Jacoby said that the safety of electric cars is extremely important as these type of power systems become increasingly popular. “Not everyone that now launches or is in the process of launching cars are approaching the safety challenges as we are,” he said. “But Volvo will never compromise our stringent safety demands.”

During the Auto Show, Volvo’s head safety engineer and director of EV projects will be on hand to explain how they specially design the C30 Electric car’s power system to withstand the same tests they give all their vehicles.

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