The Volvo C30, a cute and functional modern hatchback, is now being created in electric form for European customers. Volvo has just announced that the first deliveries of the green vehicle will begin at the end of the summer, to leasing customers that mainly consist of companies and government bodies in Europe. Volvo is testing interest in the car with a miniscule run of 250 cars built through 2012, but will be ready to scale up production if the car takes off.

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And we can definitely see that happening in Europe, as the Volvo C30 Electric charges via standard household outlet and otherwise appears exactly the same as the gasoline version of the car. The performance might limit the car’s success in the U.S. or other markets that demand extremely long range or high performance, however. The C30 electric has a maximum range of 93 miles (150 km), can travel at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, and can go from 0-30 miles per hour (50 kph) in 5 seconds–all just barely adequate for the average American EV buyer.

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