Drumroll please…

After a week of spring crafting and much anticipation, we’re thrilled to reveal the top entries in our Spring Greening DIY Design Contest! We received over 100 inspired entries, and we were super impressed with all of your clever, skillfully executed examples of recycled and reclaimed design. It was a true challenge to narrow all the entrants down to 15 finalists, so now we’re turning to you, dear readers, to help us choose which designer will receive a grand prize gift certificate of $200 to the Inhabitat Shop and which three runner-ups that will receive an eggling of their choice! You can vote as many times as you want (limited to once a day) and of course we encourage you to tell all of your friends and get them to vote for you! So read on for the top 15 designs, and cast your vote today!



  • 837 Votes Phone Book Coffee Table by Rodrigo Jaroseski
  • 686 Votes Recycled Plastic Jewelry by Kumvana gomani phone book table
  • 643 Votes Book Book Shelf by Richard Jennions phone book table
  • 557 Votes Egg-crate Lamp by Federico Otero phone book table
  • 210 Votes Soda Can Brooch by Kumvana Gomani
  • 204 Votes Tupperware Lights by Frank Criscione phone book table
  • 200 Votes Umbrella Dog Raincoats by Taryn Zychal phone book table
  • 175 Votes Egg Crate Vase by Fanny Chen phone book table
  • 174 Votes Drops Chair by Camilla
  • 136 Votes Laptop Packaging Briefcase by Alison Cromie phone book table
  • 136 Votes Green Dish Rack by Green Dish Rack by Nibha Jain and Srikanth Jalasutram phone book table
  • 131 Votes Blender Lamp by Melinda Marinsky
  • 125 Votes Light Bulb Pendant Light by James Sampayan phone book table
  • 110 Votes Refurbished Found Table & Dresser by Christine Chitnis
  • 100 Votes Vacuum lamp by Ben Light phone book table
  • 83 Votes Toilet Plunger Lamp by Michael Andrulewich phone book table

Total Voters: 3,628

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