The VW camper may have made a name for itself in the 70’s as ‘the love bus’, but here’s a re-design that’s ready to trample over all that peace, love and flowers. If you’ve ever wondered what a VW camper van/tank hybrid looked like, you can now stop wondering. Certainly a marvel of human design and creativity, this conduit of destruction has been recycled two out-of-service vehicles to create a riveted 1945 M29 Weasel super-bus.

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Granted the vehicle isn’t the greenest thing on the planet, but you have to admire a project that recycles two vehicles and turns it into a tracked caravan that can traverse snow, sand and other rugged terrain.

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of the VW camper, but you may not be familiar with the M29 Weasel. Designed by Studebaker for the Second World War, the M29 Weasel is powered by a 70-horsepower, 196-cubic-inch, L-head inline six. It can cross a 36-inch ditch and roll over a 24-inch-tall barrier at a speed of 35 miles per hour.

If you are interested in purchasing this awesome creation, it is for sale at a car dealer in California. We think this will be right at home among Schwarzenegger’s multiple Hummers…

via Ridelust