The largest grocer in America recognizes that beauty is only skin deep when it comes to “ugly” fruits and vegetables. Walmart is rolling out a line of imperfect apples, aptly named “I’m Perfect,” in 300 select Florida stores. These weather-dented fruits are just as nutritious as their more beautiful counterparts, and now they’ll receive their well-deserved spot at the table, instead of a landfill.

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Food waste is a notorious problem in developed countries and the public’s distaste for “ugly” fruit and vegetables is a big contributor. Farmers know what produce consumers and grocers will buy and what produce will be picked over. This has created a system where perfectly healthy and nutritious fruit is sent to the landfill simply for having undesirable dents or scars.

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Walmart has partnered with suppliers from Washington state, bringing I’m Perfect apples in varieties from Granny Smith to Red Delicious to their stores. The campaign will help to reduce food waste and support growers who would otherwise toss the fruit and lose out on compensation for their hard work in growing it. A Walmart blog post states, “From helping our growers find alternate uses for these less than gorgeous fruits, such as making apple juice or selling small apples for lunch kits, we are committed to identifying options to get less than perfect fruit to market and thereby reduce this type of food waste.”


Images via Flickr, Walmart