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With energy-saving, bill-reducing LED light bulbs often selling at anywhere from $20-$60, it can be difficult to take the leap and transition from incandescent or CFL. Walmart, home to a wallet-friendly Great Value line, is doing its part to ease this transition for homeowners with the launch of a line of LED bulbs that cost as little as $8.88 each.

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Joining the Home Depot-distributed $5 Cree LED bulbs, Walmart’s new line of LEDs—to be sold only in the U.S. at present—provide a large number of options for those making the LED switch. According to the company, their 26 types of LEDs will include “a non-dimmable 60-watt equivalent LED that will retail for $8.88; a dimmable 60-watt equivalent LED for $9.88; an indoor flood non-dimmable 65-watt equivalent LED for $14.88; and an indoor flood dimmable 65-watt equivalent for $15.88.”

Walmart is inseparable in the minds of many from a reputation of having poor working conditions and often less-than ethical product sourcing (which allows for some of their exceptionally low pricing). However, the company does have a huge influence over a large portion of U.S. consumers. With the launch of this latest collection of affordable LEDs, the company might just convince more people to make the switch.

In a press release, Walmart claims “The Great Value LED packaging simplifies the transition to LED for consumers by clearly outlining wattage equivalency, estimated energy cost savings and incandescent cost comparisons on the front of the package… The energy-efficient LED, or light-emitting diode, technology provides the same quality and appearance of traditional lightbulbs, but LEDs are 80 percent more efficient, emit 40 percent less heat and last 25 times longer. By replacing all of the lightbulbs in their homes with energy-efficient LEDs, customers can save an average of $129 per year.”

For those looking for a brand they might perceive as less “budget” Walmart has also collaborated with General Electric to provide a dimmable 60-watt equivalent GE LED lightbulb for less than $11.

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