Mega-retailer Walmart has crowned the roofs of their retail locations with enough photovoltaic panels to blast past 39 entire American states with their combined solar capacity. As photovoltaics become increasingly affordable, the retailer has outfitted their stores with an incredible 89.43 MW of clean energy, transforming the company into an unlikely beacon of renewable energy and inspiring other retailers to follow suit.

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Walmart has been making moves to green up their business lately by investing in rooftop photovoltaic systems. Other retailers such as Costco, Kohls, Apple and IKEA have also installed photovoltaic systems at their locations, but their efforts pale in comparison to Walmart. The second biggest producer of solar energy, wholesaler Costco generates nearly half as much as Walmart with their 47.06MW combined capacity.

The sudden rise in photovoltaic arrays amongst retailers was spurred in part by the Solar Means Business campaign, which ranks top brands in the United States based on their installation of solar power on stores, facilities and warehouses. In just one year, retailers increased their solar power by 40 percent, reaching 3,380 MW overall.

Via Tree Hugger

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