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Land Art, Walter Mason, nature inspired art, organic art, eco art, green art

This organic art is only temporary – a fleeting moment of organization in a seemingly chaotic world. Mason often combines leaves into geometric designs, cuts patterns into them or leaves a trail to create a pattern. The photograph then is the only proof of his creation, which is often ruined or destroyed by a gust of wind or the next storm. Water, stones, leaves, needles and grass all play an important role in his designs, which evolve from in-the-moment inspiration.

As Mason says on his Tumblr page – “Everything I do is an experiment. If the picture I make is good or not is of little importance in comparison to what I have learned. If the experiment ‘works’ I have the feeling of arrival, of completion, I am finished with the idea. If it doesn’t work I often learn far more; it makes me think about why I failed, and often gives me dozens of new ideas.” The Berlin-based artist has a slew of great images of his work on his Flickr page if you want to see more.

Via Kuriositas

Images ©Walter Mason