Australian Designer Kent Gration’s Wambamboo products make beautiful use of sustainable production methods including recyclable materials, water-based finishes, energy-saving fluorescent lamps, and natural fibers. The Lucille Chaise Lounge showcased at this year’s 100% Design London is a great example of the power of bamboo in its natural form. Gration explains the Chaise as “a marriage between natural unprocessed bamboo poles and modern design.”

The Wambamboo chair features a stainless steel frame to support the bamboo poles, while the stylized shape of the lounge complements a reclining body. A foam slip can be used to reduce the corrugations against a person’s body if required. We love the literal take on the material- we often see bamboo processed into sheet products or building materials, but this is a great example of using green materials in their most natural form.

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