Wanderruff is a line of eco-friendly essentials for your furry friend. These sustainable pet products for dogs are designed in Vancouver by local animal lovers Anisa Musmary and Paul Irwin. Wanderruff pet products were inspired by “adventure and a passion to help protect the great outdoors.”

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A dog sitting on wood floors that is scattered with plastic bottles. Part of a person is holding a leash connected to the dog.

The brand is already a leader in crafting eco-conscious dog accessories. Wanderruff combines comfort and consciousness by using recycled plastic bottles to create canvas dog leashes. Their line include durable leashes, collars and harnesses. The leashes use recycled materials instead of new fabrics or plastics to help with the planet’s plastic pollution problem.

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Two photos: On the left is a variety of leashes in yellow, blue, green, pink, blue and green colors. On the right is an orange cone with a green leash wrapped around it

Furthermore, Wanderruff collars come in a variety of color combinations and sizes. We love the cute collars with contrasting colors. Also, the harnesses that look like they’d fit even biggest-chested dogs, something that can be surprisingly challenging.

A box with a variety of leashes from Wanderruff scattered around it on a white table and green background

Additionally, the company uses sustainable packaging. They are a member of the 1% for the Planet, which means one percent of the company’s revenues goes toward environmental causes. This helps companies avoid greenwashing by donating directly to climate-related causes.

Left to right: An assortment of dog bowls, food and leash. On the right, a display that is pink and green with a bone-shaped sign, cones, pink balls and a pink cone

To top it all off, Wanderruff also partnered with Pacific Parklands Foundation. The foundation looks after Metro Vancouver Parks for the sake of man’s best friend.

A dog sits on a white floor against white walls with plastic bottles scattered in front of it

You can buy Wanderruff products one at a time, or in convenient “walking kits” that provide everything you need. Whatever you decide, your puppy will not only be happy, but the planet too.

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