Sculptural and certainly peculiar, Wandschappen‘s Feltplants were obviously not designed to replace our oxygen-supplying friends. Instead, they give a little hope for those less than green thumbs looking to add a bit of “plant life” to their living space. A cool piece of decor that will provide a familiar shape to a sparse environment, these handmade, limited edition “plants” require no water, light or attention, and are even made from an eco-friendly felt!

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Feltplants come in a pot or a flower arrangement vase, and are arranged to resemble the shadows of indoors plants. Alocasias, opuntias, strelitzias, sanseverias, tulips, bamboo and cactus are just a some of the options, and can be purchased as a numbered, limited edition piece. The plants come in black or white biodegradable felt wool in sizes that range from 30 to 120 inches. Each plant also comes with a care manual and adoption certificate.

Strange and beautiful, this quick-fix idea was born because “you feel at home, where you grow your own plants.”

+ Wandschappen

Photo © Wandschappen