Apparently it’s not just human kids who react adorably the first time they play in the snow. Although polar bears live in icy environs, their young are born in relatively warm dens and only experience real snow once they venture out for the first time. This little guy is catching a glimpse of the snowy world around him, and his reactions are just priceless.

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One can almost imagine how strange it must be for that little bear to experience the big, white world around him after being nestled in a den for their first few months.

These beautiful, powerful bears arehighly at risk due to climate change: the sea ice that they depend on for their survival is melting at an alarming rate, and their habitat and food sources are also in jeopardy thanks to pollution and oil drilling in the arctic.

To learn more about these bears and how you can help them, please visit one of the conservation programs dedicated to helping them.

+ World Wildlife Fund – Polar Bears

+ Polar Bears International

+ International Polar Bear Conservation Centre

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