Mother Nature put on a dramatic show this past week when massive solid ice sheets piled up like broken shards of glass on the shores of Lake Superior – in Duluth, Minnesota. Nature photographer and videographer Dawn LaPointe of Radiant Spirit Gallery captured the striking moment. Watch the video below and be sure to pump up the volume to experience the full effect.

Measuring 1/4″ to 3″ thick, the layers of glass-like ice shards created a mesmerizing dance on the shores of Lake Superior. Dawn LaPointe braved frigid temperatures for hours to film the occurrence. She describes her captivating ice stacking experience:

“As the water opened up, the sea smoke was whisked across the surface by the breeze. The sparkles you see in some segments were from the sun gilding the frost flowers that had formed on top of the new ice overnight — icing on the cake!”

+ Radiant Spirit Gallery

Via This is Colossal

Images via Youtube screenshots/Radiant Spirit Gallery