When the Tesla Model S was introduced, Tesla boasted about its 250+ mile driving range, but no one ever expected it to take on sports cars on the performance circuit. Several videos have surfaced recently showing the new Model S P85D taking on the world’s best sports cars and now we have a video of the P85D showing what it’s got during a drag race against classic muscle cars.

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If you haven’t seen the earlier acceleration videos, you may be shocked to see the Model S P85D has what it takes to keep up. With 691 horsepower and immediate torque, the Tesla Model S P85D spanks the classic muscle cars. Their large gas-guzzling V8 engines aren’t a match for the Tesla. Over longer distances, the muscle cars will be able to catch up to the Model S, but it’s amazing to see a zero emissions vehicle prove that you don’t need a large fossil fuel powered engine to drive fast.

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