It really is amazing what nature and man can do when they work together. Portugal’s Covão do Conchos dam funnels water into an amazing ground-level waterfall during flood season. The mesmerizing vortex is a beautiful example of a “bell-mouth spillway,” a unique form of infrastructure that controls water overflow during particularly heavy rain periods by rerouting the water elsewhere. Take a look at the video below.

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Built in 1955 out of masonry concrete and granite, The Dam of Conchos is 4.6 meters high and has a storage capacity of 120,000 cubic meters. The construction formed part of a large hydroelectric development of the Serra da Estrela that aimed to divert water between the Ribeira das Naves river and Bayou Lagoon Long.

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The spillway built into the dam is a 1.5km tunnel that funnels excess amounts of water to avoid flooding. Although heavy rain in the area is scarce, visitors can view the beautiful vortex-like spectacle for a short time every year.

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